Bamboo Laptop Stand

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“This is not only stylish, and tasteful, but also very functional. I bought this for use in my office after they gave us larger laptops. This also does not interfere with any external connections such as power, usb, or hdmi ports. I will be buying more, for home use, and for my family.”
~ Scott D., Nueby customer

Eco-friendly and stylish laptop stand

This multipurpose bamboo laptop stand is a highly functional design with strong and sturdy bamboo construction.

The stand is ergonomically designed to provide you with a comfortable working space.

It relieves a strained neck, shoulders, and back by lifting your PC and slanting it at a workable angle so that you don’t feel fatigued working for long hours.

The multipurpose design allows you to use it as a storage place for your tablet or laptop or as a stand for your laptop and keyboard.


"I bought this item because I was getting desk posture and I wanted it raise my screen. This works like a charm - plus it’s very pretty. I have been using it 40+ hrs a week for months. I really recommend this stand.”
~ Shelly A., Nueby customer

No more strained neck, back, or shoulders

Ergonomically Designed: Raises laptop 5-inch-high and angles it at 18 degrees; the ideal height and angle to prevent muscle strains and fatigue.

Lightweight And Durable: The bamboo construction of the stand makes it extremely lightweight but highly strong and durable laptop stand.

Multifunctional: Lift the stand vertically and it can be used as a storage rack for laptops and tablets, set it down horizontally and it functions as a stand for both your laptop and your keyboard.

Extended Laptop Life: Elevating your laptop increases ventilation, cooling the internal systems, preventing overheating and extending the life of your laptop.

Attractive bamboo Laptop PC Stand
Adjustable Height
Cooling design
Lightweight and very durable
Ergonomically designed to provide relief to your strained muscles
Organic eco-friendly materials

Material: Bamboo
Size: (Standing Up): 9.3in x 8.3in x 4.7in / 23.5 x 21 x 12cm
Size: (Folded): 9.4in x 4.7in x 0.8in / 24 x 12 x 2cm
Weight: 0.88 lbs / 0.4 kg

— 1 X Bamboo Laptop Stand