AutoStir™ - Automatic Hand Free Stirrer

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“I love it for stirring constantly in my gravies or candy making, etc. It beats having to manually stand there and stirring so stuff doesn't burn.”
—Buster B., Nueby customer

Definitely a time-saver in the kitchen!

Do you need a 3rd hand in the kitchen? Stop stirring and let the AutoStir™ do the job for you!

The Automatic Hand Free Stirrer automatically stirs and mixes with 3 different speeds for maximum control! It gives complete pan coverage so you can get other ingredients for your meal without having to worry about things turning lumpy or getting burnt under. Perfect for soup, gravy, beans, and sauces.

"If you need another set of hands while cooking, this automatic stirrer works great. Love it for soup, gravy, or sauce. It is especially great for people like me who tend to over stir.”
—Gary R., Nueby customer

Cook custards, sauces, and soups without constantly stirring.

Durable stainless steel legs and non-scratch Silicone feet that can withstand temperatures up to 300˚C
Heat and non-stick pan safe
Legs are dishwasher safe (battery unit needs to be hand-washed).
With 3 different speed for your needs. Change speed simply by pressing down on the top
Easy to install and use.
Safe for non-stick pots and pans
Makes an ideal Novelty Gift Idea

Material: Metal
Item Type: Food Auto Stirrer Blender
Battery operated (4 AA Batteries Not Included)

— 1 X AutoStir