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AutoStir™ - Automatic Hand Free Stirrer

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“I love it for stirring constantly in my gravies or candy making, etc. It beats having to manually stand there and stirring so stuff doesn't burn.”
—Buster B., Nueby customer

Definitely a time-saver in the kitchen!

Do you need a 3rd hand in the kitchen? Stop stirring and let the AutoStir™ do the job for you!

The Automatic Hand Free Stirrer automatically stirs and mixes with 3 different speeds for maximum control! It gives complete pan coverage so you can get other ingredients for your meal without having to worry about things turning lumpy or getting burnt under. Perfect for soup, gravy, beans, and sauces.

"If you need another set of hands while cooking, this automatic stirrer works great. Love it for soup, gravy, or sauce. It is especially great for people like me who tend to over stir.”
—Gary R., Nueby customer

Cook custards, sauces, and soups without constantly stirring.

Durable stainless steel legs and non-scratch Silicone feet that can withstand temperatures up to 300˚C
Heat and non-stick pan safe
Legs are dishwasher safe (battery unit needs to be hand-washed).
With 3 different speed for your needs. Change speed simply by pressing down on the top
Easy to install and use.
Safe for non-stick pots and pans
Makes an ideal Novelty Gift Idea

Material: Metal
Item Type: Food Auto Stirrer Blender
Battery operated (4 AA Batteries Not Included)

— 1 X AutoStir


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19 reviews

Waldo S.

Verified purchase

Great item and my wife loves it.


Zarah B.

Verified purchase

I have used this for several years and absolutely LOVE it! The key is to be sure your sauce is in a shallower pan and on low heat. I am often juggling the stove, grill, and oven, and this truly save the meal when you don't have a helper!

Ishmael P.

Verified purchase

I have had one for months, I bought one for my daughter. Great for sauces that need constant stirring.

Shanon B.

Verified purchase

I have had mine for numerous years and it finally bit the dust. I loved how simple and easy it was to use. I looked at the other ones for sale and I still thought this would be the best. Mainly used for thin to medium soups, sauces, and gravies. It has 3 speeds and rotates the rubber feet to stir the gravy, sauce or soup. The rubber pieces on the feet do not scratch so it can be used in nonstick pots. I really like that I can do other things while this is working. Just keep a slight eye on it. I am purchasing a new one and hope it is as good as the one I had. Thank you for the neat product!

Amiee H.

Verified purchase

It works just like the original. I never have to worry about burning the sauce or gravy again.


Tasmin D.

Verified purchase

It is way better than I thought, it has 3 speeds and works like a charm.



Verified purchase

I love this little auto stirrer. I use them a lot, and they don't last long, so I have to buy 3 or 4 at a time. I use them when I make sauces, grits, and gravy.


Verified purchase

I like this automatic stirrer. Hands-free and stir very well.


Verified purchase

I'm a big fan of homemade Coconut Cream Pie and homemade custards. This item has saved us from the boring & hot task of standing over the hot stove constantly stirring the custard to keep it from burning/sticking. Worth it!


Verified purchase

I call it my stir buddy. Bought extras for gifts for friends and family that love to cook. Great for soups and gravy.

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