Automatic Touch Free Sensor Faucet

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“It works great! The faucet is sleek and stylish too. I love it. I was skeptical but it works so well. Also, my cat uses it. She loves it.”
—Katie O., Nueby customer

Prevents cross-infection after washing your hands

The Automatic Touch-Free Sensor Faucet is perfect for keeping germs away and off your hands!

There is no need to touch the faucet. All you need to do it put your hands about 1-3 cm from the faucet and the water will start to flow.

You can adjust the water temperature to your preference.

Kids love using this fun faucet and actually enjoy washing their hands!

"This thing is working great for my entire family. When someone come over to my place, they are entertained and amazed by this item. In past When I have seen this in some restaurants, I used to always think that this is the awesome thing to have at my house. Finally, it's like dream come true. Really cool and unique looking product to have at your place whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, it looks awesome!”
—Kevin H., Nueby customer

Provides hands-free and germ-free operation

Automatic Sensor Bathroom Faucet: Motion sensor activated by your hands, touch-free, prevent cross-infection after washing hands. No need to touch the faucet to turn off after washing your hands. Convenient and clean.

Temperature Adjustable: You can adjust water temperature with the temperature mixer according to your preference. Hot and cold hose, temperature mixer are included.

Easy To Use: Faucet automatically turns on/off by sensor.

Materials: Chrome Surface and Brass
Type: Basin Faucets
4*AA Alkaline Battery (Not Included)

— 1 X Automatic Touch-Free Sensor Faucet