Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

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“It took a little bit of training, but our Yorkie ADORES this ball launcher. Literally will spend hours playing with it! It’s been really nice for keeping him occupied while working from home.”
~ Najma M., Nueby customer

Your doggy can now play fetch all day long!

This awesome ball launcher allows your doggy to play fetch by themselves for hours on end.

The Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher is ideal for small to medium dogs, and it's a great toy for your dog to play with even when you're not around!

The wide-open top and low down design makes it easy for your dog to drop the ball back into the launcher and keep the game going!

“I love this launcher! It's easy to use and makes playing with my dog a lot more fun. Sometimes you get tired of playing fetch the traditional way so this is a life-saver.”
~ Sofija F., Nueby customer

More Than A Game: All dogs adore the ball. They love it and want to play for hours. But dog owners aren't usually as energetic as others. You can play your pet's favorite game without straining or tiring yourself. Even when you're gone, your dog won't be bored!
Adjustable Launch Distance: The automatic dog ball launcher's lights show the chosen distance. The ball launcher can hurl the ball 3m, 6m, or 9m (balls supplied). Drop the ball in the pitcher and have your dog catch it! It's really simple to operate and your dog has so much fun!
Entertain & Exercise : The Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher is the premier choice in automatic fetch games for your pet both indoors and outdoors.
Stimulate Dogs Mind: The Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher challenges your dog to learn something new. Plays fetch with your dog, interactive features aid in training.

How To Use:
1. To turn the Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher on, press and hold the "power on/off button" for 3 seconds.
2. The green light on the "power on/off indication" will turn on. Push the "power on/off button" for additional 3 seconds to turn off the Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher.
3. Select a distance of 10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet by pressing the "power on/off button."
4. Toss the balls into the ball basket on the Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher's top.
5. The Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher will toss a ball every 10 seconds if balls are placed in the ball basket.
6. The toy includes a tennis ball sensor. Every ten seconds, it will scan. When the ball is detected, the launch system is activated, and the ball is launched.

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Type: Interactive Toys
✓ Dimensions: 12.13 x 11.37 x 9.76 inches; 4.76 Pounds
✓ Size: 26cm Wide x 21cm Height

— 1 X Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher
— 3 X Ball
— 1 X Manual