Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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"I love having the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor on hand when my elderly parents visit because their medication often causes their BP to bottom out. A great product.”
—Mike J., Nueby customer

The Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is great for those with health problems, the elderly, and anyone who simply wants to keep track of their BP.

The tool is easy to use and read. You'll love how comfortable this BP cuff is!

All readings are spot on and accurate.

Right now, the Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is on SALE!

"The Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is a great product! I tested it against my manual BP system and it is totally accurate!”
—Terri W., Nueby customer

With voice broadcast
2x192 sets of storage data
3.7inch big LCD screen shows the results
Light and easy to carry
Low noise, low power consumption, and long service life
Automatic measure easy to use
Accuracy ±3mmHg ±0.4kP
Four-layer packaging to prevent damage

How to Operate:
1. Please tie the bracelet on the measuring arm (degree of tightness as a finger as fitting), and let the air tap the wrist.
2. About 2-3 cm (about a finger width) arm circumference size is 23-33 cm
3. Ensure that the bottom edge of the bracelet is more than 2-3 cm away from the elbow joint, and let the air faucet is in the arm inside. 4. Please sit for 5 minutes in silence as the photos before measuring
5. Put the arm on the desk flat, upright with your palms up
6. The center of the bracelet should be the same height as the heart 7. Be noted that the air tube of the bracelet can not be turned or bent
8. Press the OP button to measure
9. It is not suitable to measure after meals, exercise, and with emotional excitement

Suitable Arm Circumference: 23cm-33cm
LCD Size: 115 x 135 mm x 83mm
Pulse Rate: 40~199 time /min
Pressure Measurements Range: 0~280mmHg(0~37.33kPa)
Storage Memory: 2x192 groups
Weight: 280g (Not Including Battery)
280g (Not Including Battery) 5W
Equipment Operation Mode: Intermittent operation

— 1 X Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
— 1 X Manual