Auto Labor-Saving Jack Ratchet Wrench

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“Really like this jack! I've been using it to pick up my motorcycle for chain cleaning and adjustment, and even when I push on the bike, the jack stays upright. Very stable, and super easy to use with the ratchet.”
~ Mohammod M., Nueby customer

Changing a tire just got whole lot easier

The Auto labor-saving jack ratchet wrench is specifically designed to use with your car jack and save you time and effort when changing your tire.

Nobody likes to get a flat tire, and yet they sadly happen all the time. Maybe you're on your way somewhere important, or your tire changing kit is missing pieces, or you're by yourself and have difficulty changing a tire on your own.

Don't worry.... this wrench will help you make the process as easy and quick as possible to get back on the road.

“This is a light-duty jack. It's well suited to smaller cars, and heavier vehicles with skill and caution. I have used it extensively with my Smart car, and with stabilization on my SUV - it works well but has limited lateral stability (as one would expect with a light scissor jack). I'm very satisfied.”
~ Simmon Y., Nueby customer

Ergonomic Design & Labor-saving:The slender handle conforms to the ergonomic design, and the reinforced ratchet head design is more strong and labor-saving.
Durable & Rust Resistant: Long lasting and sturdy construction, rust resistant. The wrench rod is tightly connected with the plastic handle, which is firm and not easy to fall off.
Easy To Use: A safe and labor-saving jack handle with simple and easy-to-use design. Perfect for travel use and emergency wheel / tyre changes. It can be used easily by men and women.
High Hardness & High Torque:Forged with thick steel, heat-treated as a whole, high hardness, high torque, good toughness, sturdiness and Application Range:Suitable for motorcycles, family cars, SUV off-road vehicles, etc., not suitable for trucks and vans.

✓ Weight : 2.35kg
✓ Material: Metal
✓ Size: 33 x 2.2 x 1.1cm
✓ Type: Mechanical Jack

— 1 X Auto Labor-Saving Jack Ratchet Wrench