Six-Sided Aluminum Alloy Angle Measuring Tool

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“A very good tool for measuring odd-shaped things or corners. It's very sturdy. I am able to measure out tiles at the correct measurements before I cut them. It folds pretty as well.”
~ Zofia P., Nueby customer

Looking for a tool that will make your life and job easier every time?

Never worry about useless tools that take too long to figure out and still end up wrong.

The Six-Sided Aluminum Alloy Angle Measuring Tool is the perfect measuring tool to get any angle or straight line right every time. It

It is simple to use and is made from high quality aluminium with durable metal knobs and bolts for strong and precise measuring every time.

"I saw this product and was so excited to find something that might help me cut molding correctly. It worked! Great tool for measuring angles. Highly recommend!”
~ Allen S., Nueby customer

Markings: To make your life easier we have engraved markings (inches & centi meters), which make it perfect for precise and accurate angles measurements.

Adjustable: he Six-Sided Aluminum Alloy Angle Measuring Tool comes with 6 adjustable and 2-sided arms. It is the your own personal stencil and is easily used on tile, flooring, bricks, lumber, laminate, metal and much more

Easy To Use: Simply place the measuring tool on and slide to arms to make the shape you need and then tighten using the metal bolts, once tighten you'll have a strong and precise stencil to draw against

If you are a DIYer, builder or craftsmen it is perfect for all those projects that require perfect cuts without the stress.

✓ Color: Black
✓ Material: Aluminum
✓ Size: Total length 17.5 cm/6.89", scale: 12 cm/4.72"
✓ Dimension: 103cm/40.55" unfolded, folded and packed for 11cm/4.33"

— 1 X Six-Sided Aluminum Alloy Angle Measuring Tool