Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover

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“I used this for the first time today. My mini-split was very dirty and impacted with dirt. This is very well made and worked like a charm.”
~ Miranda P., Nueby customer

If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, dust and germs can accumulate, reducing the cooling impact and increasing the value.

You may save a lot of money, improve the cooling impact, save power, and minimize dust by cleaning the air conditioner yourself. This cover is both simple to use and recyclable.

It is made of raincoat material and waterproof fabric, which can be recycled and environmental protection.

“This is a must-have to properly clean your mini-split and not get anything on the walls or floor, great value.”
~ Kelise G., Nueby customer

Full Protection During Cleaning: Splash-proof. With a 50cm wide aperture, the cleaning cover is simple to use and splash-proof, preventing sewage from splashing or splattering on your walls or other surfaces while cleaning your air conditioner.

Waterproof Fabric: The cleaning cover is constructed of a waterproof raincoat material. It is both recyclable and long-lasting.

Double Laminated Edge Design: The cover has a reinforced leak-proof system and a double laminated edge design.

Drainage Design: Drain pipe design allows for increased water storage and faster drainage.

Compatibility: The waterproof AC cleaning cover can be used to clean air conditioners in the house, business, hotel, store, and other locations.

✓ Size: Width 17CM, Height 60.5CM, opening about 50cm width
✓ Water Pipe Length: 3 meters
✓ Color: White
✓ Material: PVC waterproof material
✓ Applicable Air Conditioner: 2P or below 2P hanging air conditioner

Package Includes:
— 1 X Air Conditioner Cleaning Cover
— 1 X 3m Drain Pipe
— 1 X Towel
— 1 X Face Cover
— 1 X Small Insert
— 1 X Rubber Glove
— 20 X Adhesive