Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder

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“This is one of my favorite items. It’s very easy to use and it holds well its weight. I love how you can unhook it and then put it back in place without worrying you will mess up the stickiness. Great item, I will definitely buy it again in the future.”
~ Ivan C., Nueby customer

No more clutter, say goodbye to adhesive sockets

Are you tired of dealing with messy power strips, remote controls, routers, and adapters? Do you want a simple way to fix these items to the wall or any other surface?

Now you can fix what you need in seconds with Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder! Featuring an easy-to-use design, this holder allows you to quickly mount without the need for tools or components.

It’s perfect for fixing things like power boards, tissue boxes, routers, and adapters - getting rid of clutter while keeping them safe.

Our holder is compatible with most mountable power strips and features slide and adhesive designs that are separable and reusable.

Plus, installation is incredibly fast due to the transparent design and punch-free mounting system. Say goodbye to a cluttered mess with our must-have Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder!

Easily install your items anywhere at home or in the office - all while maintaining a professional look. Shop now to enjoy hassle-free convenience today!

“Strong adhesion and fits in small spaces.”
~ Ciaran A., Nueby customer

Compatible with most other mountable power strips

Say Goodbye To Messy: Stop wasting time cleaning up unsightly cords and plugs! This adhesive holder will keep everything in place, so you can focus on the important things.

Fix It Wherever You Want:Don't be limited by outlets! With this holder, you can put your power strip wherever you need it. No more hunting for the right spot.

Perfect For Power Strips: This is the perfect accessory for your power strip! The specially designed mount will keep it in place, and the adhesive gel prevents residue build-up.

Simple And Fast Installation: This holder is easy to install! Just use the included adhesive gel and punch-free mount to put it wherever you want. You'll be up and running in no time.

Fast installation in minute

✓ Say goodbye to power strip clutter.
✓ Mount your power strip in seconds.
✓ Clean up your countertops and outlets.
✓ Finally, have a clean and organized home.
✓ Feel more in control of your environment.

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Weight: 30g / 0.06lb
✓ Size: 10*4cm/3.94 x 1.57inch
✓ Installation Type: Wall Mounted Type

- 1 X Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder