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360 Reflective LED Flash Night Vest

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“You can't go wrong with this vest! It's flashing LED lights to keep you visible to cars. It's a top-notch product.”
— Jennie T., Nueby customer

Perfect for runners, cyclists, campers, hikers, and pet owners

Running or walking at night can be hazardous due to drivers not being able to see you. The 360 Reflective LED Flash Night Vest changes all of that!

The bright, flashing lights allow you to be more visible and safe. It uses the latest LED and fiber optic technology to make you stand out like never before.

Our 360 Reflective LED Flash Night Vest is perfect for runners, cyclists, campers, pet owners or anyone else who enjoys outdoor activity but worry about being seen by a motorist as far as a half-mile away.

This vest is very easy to wear and maintain. It looks cool, too!

“Perfect design and look! It's lightweight so it doesn't cause you to become overheated.”
— Louann P., Nueby customer

Essential safety gear for your nighttime activities

Simple To Use: Just push the button to trigger any of the 3 pre-programmed med modes, solid - slow flashing or rapid flash mode.

360 Degree Coverage: Fiber optic lines run over the shoulders and sides of your body to make you visible from all sides; creating 360 degrees of coverage.

Water-resistant And Weather-resistant: It can withstand the heat, cold, rain or snow.

One Size Fits All: Just adjust the torso-band which also features a reflective band to fit your body and lock the quick release clasp to secure your vest.

3 pre-programmed med modes, solid - slow flashing or rapid flash mode
Long-lasting battery included
The one-size-fits-all design can accommodate children as well as adults

Material: TPU light guide fiber
Fiber Optic Length: 130cm/51.18inch
LED Controller: Dual box independent control
LED Quantity: 4pcs
Battery: Included

— 1 X 360 Reflective LED Flash Night Vest


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20 reviews

Mary Lomas

Verified purchase

Fabulous product. Great for early morning walks when its still a bit dark. Clearly visible - makes me feel safe

brigitte pruett

Verified purchase

it is nice to know that cars are seeing you at night .

Donald M.

Verified purchase

Super product, really great, super


Echo Parkhurst

Verified purchase

I love this item!! I feel safe when i do my nighttime jogging! It's great. I already broke it


Ken Midas

Verified purchase

I use it on my morning walks because it's dark outside and it is nice and brite I feel safe , I don't know how long the battery will last I guess I will have to wait and see so far I think it's great

Mai K.

Verified purchase

This thing is really cool. I don't run a ton at night but I do run at dusk and in the winter. I have to run after dark since it is always dark in upstate New York at that time of year. I used to feel uncomfortable running at night because I was afraid someone would hit me. With this thing on, it is impossible for someone to miss you. It is comfortable, and it seems to hold up well.

Oneal T.

Verified purchase

SERIOUSLY! I am really happy with my purchase. I walk at night or early morning and worry that with just my headlamp I will startle other early risers while walking, and this product definitely helps the vibe and illumination. Neighborhood kids love it too! I believe it’s worth the cost, a great investment. Thank you!


Shaquille E.

Verified purchase

I bought this because several of my friends have one and like it. I was skeptical about the price. But after using it for two weeks, I can say it's a great product which far exceeds my expectations. I run early in the mornings while my family sleeps.


Luca H.

Verified purchase

So far so good Tested it out last night on a night run with my dog. it's super bright, I felt like a human glow stick.


Addison B.

Verified purchase

I do not run, I go for walks, and I wear this vest on rainy nights. (On dry nights I wear lighted armbands.) Four pedestrians were seriously injured walking at night in our neighborhood in the first couple of weeks of January 2019 alone, so I finally decided it was time to keep safe. (We almost got wiped out at night years ago by a distracted driver--there are no stoplights and few streetlights around here.) No one would think of driving at night in a car without lights (quite a few lights, actually), but almost everyone walks at night with no light, or with minimal light, even though they are protected by a lot of steel in a car and protected by nothing at all on foot.

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